SONIC solitude

b1: have you seen the new SONIC 'blog yet?
K: I only skimmed so far. I was impressed at the detail. I'll read in
full later (after work deadline).
b1: i need you to mention it on foodisworse. for G purposes, make sure
to use the word SONIC in the title and in the link.
K: It will be my next post.
b1: good boy. when i searched on SONIC this AM, i saw a new G thing,
where down my search page it said something like "friends in your social
network have this to say about SONIC."

it's weird, because we definitely talk through email and IM. and we're
probably connected on orkut, although i haven't been on there in years.
but i'm not on FB and we're not connected through G space, or whatever
the hell they call(ed) it.
K: Yeah, I hate that. Because I'm not very social.
b1: it seems to me like you talk to and like everyone.
K: Right. But mostly I hate and fear people.
b1: whoa. another thing i didn't know about special K ... moving me to
the next level. in 2 more levels, i will *be* special K.
K: Put another way, I'm mostly happier with solitude than with anybody.
b1: but how can you say that when you have this huge ego-publicity
monster inside you?
K: Maybe because it's impersonal and not intimate. Maybe that's more ok
with me.

inception complex

K: Inception?
b1: i've never seen it. i've heard it's good.
K: I have it. We can watch when you're in town if you like. Won't take
24 hours.
b1: i don't think i've ever sat next to you on a couch for that short of
a period of time. maybe i could view it as seconds, then it'd be
K: I'll act like an idiot. That will make it seem longer.
b1: there's type casting.

you should see our realities

solid G: I had a dream I was on another cruise. This time it was on san
francisco bay. Royal Caribbean. They had an infinity pool at the bow,
(real sea water so it was cold), a replica of a 1950s Paul Bunyan-esque
campsite from Minnesota, complete with dusty flea-ridden furniture (no
one seemed to be staying in those cabins), a kind of hippie
entertainment village with stores that sold crystals and tie dye (Laurie
Anderson was working the counter at the one store I wandered into), and
they had the first Days Inn at sea on this boat, which I guess was
supposed to be a good thing. This is what happens when you catalog check
too many cruise ship brochures.


K: That is impressive.

A few nights ago I dreamed I was turning around in a handicapped parking
space. A woman yelled at me.

That's the only dream I remember for several months.


b1: i had a dream that i'd had a super-realistic dream where i pulled
uncooked whole wheat spaghetti out of my ear. i went to show the
spaghetti to bo3b and zz, but when i did, there wasn't as much as i had
dreamed ... that confused me very much.

they were unimpressed by how little spaghetti i had and made jokes about