special K ...

... the harlem globetrotter

fat referee on a purse special K is holding: "you take that back now."

special K: "you didn't say that at the buffet last night."

birds of a feather, eh special K?

flip a cohen

K: Goodnight! Hallelujah!

you've just never paid enough

K: A giant purple vagina made of lightning just opened up in the sky, and Genghis Khan rode out on a horse.
I don't think I've seen that before.

the sequel's gonna be awhile

K: Movie coming on: "In the year 2889". "Nuclear war survivors hide from telepathic cannibal mutants.". WOW. Or! "Roger Corman's Frankenstein Unbound"

like a porcupine

b1: this week i've seen both "the lion king" (2 x $100 tix) and leonard
cohen (4 x probably $75 tix) as part of my ticket subscriptions service,
for free.

K: Leonard Cohen IS the Lion King


K: Don't be cranky when you have seen Leonard Cohen.

b1: don't be the stupidest class clown.

K: Don't be a mean prick.

b1: okay, then what kind of prick am i *supposed* to be?

K: Be a prickelnd.

scrambled versions of "like"

b1: i'm having the $7 steak and eggs midnight special at the flamingo. *** K: I love LV.