for the love of godzilla

b1-66er: just saw the new "godzilla."  not as good as I was expecting.

b1-67er: Well it IS a Godzilla movie.

66: yeah, but that doesn't mean it has to be bad.

67: The only problem I had with it was bringing Godzilla back to life at the end.  Great cinematography.  The right amount of monster fighting. Killing the chief engineer early was surprising but good.

66: you said the best godzilla comment once years ago... "you don't need an excuse or a reason to bring godzilla back...you just do it."

67: Oh yes. This is an important component to All monster movies.

66: what?  are people NOT going to see the next G pic because you did NOT put a sequel hook in it?
"oh no, I refuse to go see the next giant monster with a radioactive power plant inside because their reason for it being alive doesn't seem real enough."

66: Right.  And this is like the 37th Godzilla. Do they really need to tip their hand that there will be another one?  How dense do they think we are?