of bowels and vowels

d4rw1n: Great sushi joint in DC near my office. So good I might consider trying their poison blowfish but . . .

LOOK WHERE THEY POST THEIR GODDAMN NOTICE OF THE POISON BLOWFISH SPECIAL. Men's room wall. I'm officially put off. They've been doing this for years. I really don't understand the thinking behind this.

b1-66er: that's just funny.
and your outrage is even funnier.

the "point" must be solving:
"hmm.  I just dumped a massive log.  I can feel a vacancy in my colon.  what can I pass through now that would be interesting?"

d4: Yeah. Eww.

I realize I never told you about Korea. My first observation was that they did not really want to talk about Pyongyang or Kim Jong Un. I asked several people and I began to get the feeling it was kind of like asking a New Yorker if they thought there would be another twin towers attack.

My second observation was K pop music has become really good.

I went to a hologram concert of Psy (ridiculous and fun), 2NE1 (poppy and fun), Big Bang (channeling Boyz to Men perfectly) and G Dragon feat. T.O.P. (A sub-unit of Big Bang) (best of them all. Check out their very legit song Zutter on YouTube. Zutter is pronounced roughly like cheddah. I'm told Zutter translates roughly to "dope," as in "that joint Zutter is pretty dope.").


d4: Also goes by GD. Also in Zutter says something like (going by translations on the internet here) "call me G-O-D."

b1: uh.  https://youtu.be/D8t8A8E_Tqc

Watch "BABYMETAL - ギミチョコ!!

in math terms: babymetal >> G Dragon

d4: Familiar with Babymetal and like them. But for me not better, just different. It's like comparing apples and Agent Orange.

b1: absolutely, precisely, right.

I prefer apples.

d4: Depends on the application.

b1: NO!

you were SO on the bus.  you were driving, in fact.  and you fell asleep at the wheel ...

if some random stranger came up on the street and said, "apples our agent orange?"
I'd say, "apples."

d4: Sure, but what if they said, who's your favorite Billy Ray Valentine character?

b1: I'm super clever in situations like this ...
"I say, I'm sorry I don't know who Billy Ray Valentine is.  hey, you don't happen to have an apple, do you?"

d4: Very clever. But my answer is, nope, but Billy Ray is Eddie Murphy's grifter character in Trading Places. My favorite con is when we first meet him and he's rolling around the streets of Manhattan Ona a homemade cart pretending to be a double-amputee Vietnam vet, code name Agent Orange.

b1: I'm not THAT clever.  then again, I've never kept anyone out of jail because they've purposefully ignored America's international trade laws.
we all have a role we've defined for ourselves.  that's yours. 

mine's watching apples on reels.