planes, canadians, hell, et al

K: among my definitions of hell is being stuck in a landed airplane for
12 hours.


b1: if something like that happened to me, i'd blow the emergency
hatch. during the next 8 hours of questioning, time and time again i'd
say, "i thought it was terrorist activity. i felt hitting the hatch was
my patriotic duty."

use the same inane reasoning that fills the US today against the very
people who espouse it.

there's not a jury in the US that would convict.


K: and I would cheer you

ooh. first person account:


b1: i'm telling you, blow the hatch, claim "terrorism."


K: I wouldn't be thinking that rationally. I would just do it.

The same people sat on the YVR tarmac for 3 hours the day before. Wow.

no drama. fucking Canadians.


b1: blow the hatch. claim "terrorism."


K: after how long?


b1: 3 hours.


K: fucking Canadians.


b1: i used to be down on Cs too, but i've completely come around on

they're nice people. i mean, truly nice.

they're the way americans were in the 60s before we all went insane.

and the train ride from halifax to vancouver is un-matched in the W

think about it. they're the *perfect* people for our N border.


K: yes, they're a great patsy neighbor


b1: precisely.

i said "sticky," not "skinny"

K: I'm paranoid about fat content in food right now.
either vegetable medley with chicken, or chili. veggies today.

b1: dumb.
food never thinks about you.
bo3b's coming in town and we're going to piero's.
i'm having fettucine alfredo, or as my doc pal says, "heart attack on a

K: enjoy...
that name came from the Center for Science in the Public Interest,
people who are smarter than us and have good intentions but no idea how
to convince folks to listen to them, the right nicknamed them the "food

b1: i nickname them the "sticks up butts people."

K: or "subp" for short.

b1: right.  when you see 1 of them on the street you can greet them with "'subp?"

<2 minutes later> HA

future shylock

K: I found my copy of Future Shock. 16th printing -- all in the first 6 months.

b1: impressive.  you could say that "future shock" was in itself, the first example of over-data.

K: The film was narrated by Orson Welles.

b1: spooky.

K: That dude's voice alone would give me shock.
I'm trying to find a copy online.  I need to see it.
there was also a 1994 SF/Horror movie with that name.


K: And a 1973 TV series.
what's over-data?

b1: it's a term i just coined to describe too much information.  it's awesome.  you're welcome to be among the first to use it.

K: Bingo.  It's on YouTube.
(the documentary)
tonight's all-night project will be the Future Shock study.
there are some great looking vids in YouTube.  e.g. "1999 A.D. : Shopping from Home!:
or, as we Jews would say, 1999 C.E.

b1: or as those of us who haven't religiously attached ourselves to people who thought they were "advanced thinkers" 5000 years ago would say, "shut the fuck up."  [king feddy says i should use that statement more often (<- true).]


b1: i apologize for that.  i just woke up.  do note that it did play well to the secular audience.

K: and I'll read this: http://www.fastcompany.com/1695307/future-shock-at-40-what-the-tofflers-got-right-and-wrong?partner=rss
This low-priced Bantam Book has been completely reset in a typeface designed for easy reading, and was printed from new plates.  It contains complete text of the original hard-cover edition.  NOT ONE WORD HAS BEEN OMITTED.

b1: what they *should* have done is said, "WE'VE MADE UP LOTS OF GOOD PARTS."