the abominated and snowed man

b1: i'm gonna stop by your cousin's for a piece of B-day cake before
going to SONIC. chocolate cake, seedless raspberry filling, whipped
cream frosting. should i bring you a piece?


K: No thanks. I believe chocolate + fruit is an abomination.

blanched pacaderms

b1: the oakland white elephant sale is awesomer. (sic)

... but later you'll get landrysselect points ...

K: Claim Jumper has been sold to Landry's. We may have farewell dinner there tomorrow. *** b1: what? take 6 people and buy 1 entree with a "to go" box?

as long as it's not germs

K: Biggy says: La Victoria in downtown SJ grand reopening today. Unspecified free stuff. *** b1: partake.