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special K: http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2014-10-30/tim-cook-im-proud-to-be-gay
b1-66er: yeah, I don't understand that (or why it's news).  as my friend the 'grid said, "gay is the new black."
K: It's news because it's novel, lurid, and Apple.
b1: I've never said I'm proud to be heterosexual. or white. or theist.
I'm NOT proud to be american. I'm actually ashamed of it.  I don't like our overbearing presence on the rest of the world.
K: Go for it.
b1: "go for it" to what end?  to show that all people are different?  to promote disharmony?
to me, I don't consider this to be news ... in the same way I don't consider a rash of break-ins in rock springs, WY to be news.
tim and I have an uneven and predatory relationship.  he tries to sell me an item.  I try to sell him nothing.
K: It's not news to me.
b1: then why are we talking about it?  if he has a horn sticking out of his head, I don't care. 
(and he'll still try to sell me something.)

meme me up

pickles: My friend just texted me an abbreviated version of, "I know, right?!"