come on Barbie, let's go tart-y

b1-66er: perhaps the best news story I've ever read.  I want to father all her children.

pickles: That's fucking hilarious!
Minus the dwi part

b1: isn't it just the best.

p: Yes.
I love her quote about the fifteen minutes of fame.

b1: and the DWI part is EXACTLY the right play.  they can pull your license for refusing a breathalyzer, but they canNOT get you for DWI (no evidence)...
so she has no alcohol-driving record.

p: Makes sense. Both results suck ass.

b1: learned that one from dad's drunk driving attorney.

p: Makes sense. It's a smart move.
Good info to have.

b1: Basically, it was the best decision I've made in college, yet...
5*s to the writer of that article.  PERFECT crescendo.  I can only WISH to write that well.
I'm writing her a fan letter.

p: The writer or the fortunate blonde?

b1: the fortunate blonde.
I'll write the author too.

p: You should send the girl a Barbie sized cup and tell her to only drink that much next time.

b1: THAT'S funny.
better still, send her a dozen.