The flyer: Our dog came back from training and now we have to go through this very strict training routine and I'm not enjoying it at all. I just want a dog I can go on walks with when I am alone and who will bark at people if they try to break into my house.


I'm that case, I bid 2 spades

b1-66er: How's DC post trump?

D4rw1n: It is very hard to gauge DC now -- many otherwise clear-thinking people are still in an odd phase of confusion. Also the difficulty to gauge is compounded by my own fundamental disagreement with the whole "not my president" movement.

b1: Yeah.  It's a tuning fork for cognitive dissonance.

D: My impression is that some closet racists are emboldened; most progressives feel an impotent rage, and many complete neophytes are taking the reins of a government they both despise and also fail utterly to understand.


And then I just mentally built a wall and the insurance company paid for it!

The flyer: I told the glass guy someone smashed the window. He says "they're just trying to get what they can before they build the wall"
He made another reference to "the commies" but I didn't follow the first part of what he said so I'm not exactly sure how bad it was.
I almost cancelled the service but work was going nuts and he was willing to drive here to fix it so I just mentally willed him to not say anything more.


So are their snow drifts...

The flyer: Nachos in Finland are far different than San Diego


Things could get messy...

The flyer: I would have been more responsive without you asking but I'm just drowning in unpacking stuff. Can't set up my bedroom, bathroom or office until the new carpet gets put it. Almost have the kitchen done but I can't find the plates. Off to get cat litter and a gun.


I've got a girl named rama lam rama lama krishna

b1-66er: gimme an email address.  I've been mulling over a couple ideas and would like to send them to you.

saucy: Email: raramanujan@something.edu

b1: why do half the Indians I know have names that are suspiciously close to RamaLamaDingDong?

S: That song inspired a lot of us.