Do you wanna touch me in my rhythm nation?

b1-66er: Janet Jackson looks suspiciously like Gary Glitter.

b1-67er: There's a little Tron meets bride of Frankenstein thing going on there.

66: Yeah there is.
And what's that pubic region all about?

67: It looks like she's ready for an "Escapade"


The city needs to get off his lawn


I saw that. Fake news. I don't care much for Austin. "Weird" not appealing to me, especially self-consciously weird. A glut of cookie-cutter indie bands in crappy bar. venues, too much alcohol, awful traffic, high housing and food prices, not walkable and barely bike-able. Full of hipsters trying too hard. Extreme weather, lots of bugs. Can't wait to leave.


You're not here


I'm certain we need a smaller saw

Fembot: So I am sitting in the waiting room of the dermatologist office right now, where Fem2 is getting her lower eyelid skin cancer removed.  
There is a video
playing in the waiting room that shows all the procedures they do, including microdermabrasion.  There is elevator music overhead.  Pretty soon I notice the sound of a chainsaw, and they are showing a skin scraping procedure on the video.  
I am thinking "that is a pretty bad marketing to have sound on, on the procedure." Then I realize the guy across from me is watching a home improvement video on his phone, with the sound up.  
So it really WAS a chainsaw.


Maybe mezzo cocker?

b1-66er: Batman is 80 today.

Special K: Alta cocker.




b1-66er: So of all the jobs you've ever had...what's been your favorite?..AND, what do you think looks best on your resumé?

The Actore: The one that I seem to be most known for is the "Friends" episode by far.

b1: Is it because of the popularity of the series?

A: Yes. That's exactly it, it's the most seen piece of work I've ever done.
I loved the Alias episode, As it had a lot of fun challenges including Russian language and being very subtly controlling While seeming to be a suburban house husband on the other hand.
But I also really liked the video game I did where I played a colonel who is seen as the bad guy but the writers really did a good job of rationalizing why He was the way I was.
I don't know if I have an absolute favorite, but those are a couple of the top ones.


Threatening Bill Collector 1.0

Special K: Apple announced a credit card today, with no printed numbers and no late fees. I wonder what happens if you just never pay your bill. Or you wait a year.