monitoring the crack

b1-66er: there's a jewish take-away point here that is very very odd.  read 4 paragraphs from the bottom ...


special K: The Barak thing? It seemed pretty innocuous to me.

b1: you are smokin' crack if you don't think that rich thing is just riddled with slime.

1. you could argue that rich wasn't really even american...at least not in the way you and I are (wasn't born here, didn't live here).

2. why does the head of israel care ANYTHING about financial clemency for an american?

3. name ANY time the head of state of another government has had a PERSONAL REQUEST (not a request made by "his people") DIRECTLY to the prez.

there's really only 2 things at work here: money and religion.  I'm not sure which is bigger in this case.

if hussein had been asking for clemency for cat stevens, your eyebrows would be raised back to your neck.

(and that comparison may look absurd on the surface, but it's actually nearly identical.)

K: I misunderstood your comment. I thought you meant it was odd of the CSM to mention it.

b1: oh.

then you're not smoking crack.