make that, seven guys

K: Have you tried it yet? (five guys) *** b1: yes. i had it on robocoke day. burger, bad. fries, absolutely spectacular. i called the peanut oil frying.

the special K® refusal

K: This was on my phone this morning.

{MMS images have a history of not coming through from my hiptop ... it's
a bubble overlay on his iphone sleep screen that says:

Special K
Prep Your Pantry
Help keep your plan on track by
heading to the store to stock up on
Special K® staples.}


b1: what do you have to do? when do you start? how long is it?


K: It mostly says "buy and eat special k products". I'm not going to do

2 weeks, I think. It's vague and very girly.


b1: we could do it as "24 days of special K challenge." 24SPECK.


K: I don't think it's worthy of attention.


b1: i'll do it and report back, daily, once i start. i'll probably be
yoga-ing then too.

a rapper for your chicken

solid G: Flavor flav is opening a chain of fried chicken restaurants.

b1: what's it gonna be called, "wickedty-wack-bo-jacks?" and where're
they gonna be? professor griff is gonna be *hating* that one.

G: Flav's fried chicken. And it's opening in clinton iowa

b1: who's gonna open it, hillary?