pizza facism

b1: i altered my lunch plans in SF and just sat down to eat here

Una Pizza Napoletana
210 11th St


solid G: Ah yes, the pizza nazi. He moved from new york. I ate at his
place in the east village. Let me know what you think. Perhaps the most
controversial pizzaria in the world...


b1: what did you think? did you like it?


G: I did. But my companions thought it overpriced. I though it was a
very pure pizza.


b1: i thought it was good. expensive, but not outrageously so ...
there's a place in vegas -settebello- that's every bit as good and not
NEARLY as snooty.

monster trivia

b1: okay trivia heads: for 5 points each, 40 for all 6, name the
monsters on the "universal studios monsters" logo.


solid G: Frankenstein, dracula, wolf man, invisible man, mummy.....who

b1: that's 20 points. the set is frankenstein, wolfman, mummy, bride of
frankenstein, dracula and creature from the black lagoon

G: Invisible man is there. You just can't see him.


K: Frankenstein, Mummy, Wolfman, Dracula, invisible Man ... Bride?

b1: 25 points. it's mummy not invisible man.

K: I was picturing an old comic book ad for Universal Monsters model
kits. That was the first time I was ever aware of any movie company.

I must have pictured Mummy when I said Invisible Man.


b1-67er: I'm totally guessing here, I can't even visualize the
logo....king kong, creature from the blue lagoon, wolfman, dracula,
frankenstein, the invisible man?

66er: 20 points.

b1-67er: Oh... the mummy, I knew I was missing a big one. They just put
bride of Frankenstein in there for political correctness. I thought
Godzilla might be in there due to Godzilla 2000.

does it have a scope sight?

b1: your cousin's birthday is saturday. *** K: Oh yes, I see it here on the international Jewish calendar.