"bathing suit?" a TXT stream on the poolside culture of las Vegas

b1-66er: there was a woman at mandalay beach (michael franti concert) with the highest cut bikini I've ever seen.

pickles: It's a style these days.

b: the suit was also cut extremely wide and high.  it wasn't a bikini ...

I guess it was a whacky 1 piece ...

like if you tried to wrap yourself up with a single piece of long aluminum foil, Tarzan style, starting at your groin.

she was continuously adjusting the sides to avoid nipple-age. 

but that wasn't focus of my attention.

it had some sort of magical age defining power.  if you were a guy over 40, you couldn't take your eyes off it...

if you were younger, you didn't see it...

women either completely ignored it or just rolled their eyes with an "oh come on!" kind of look.

she had a nice body for it.  a great ass.  but I guess you'd have to to even THINK about wearing it.

I ideally for a suit like that, I think you'd want to be a little more chesty?  it'd stay put better, I think.

she was pretty young.  17 maybe?  she wasn't drinking.  neither was her normal-suited gal pal.

her boyfriend and/or brother was a jethro type.  some goofy tattoo between his shoulder blades.  long swim suit.

he was oblivious because he was on the wrong side of the age spectrum.

if you thought about that experience en toto (100 degree heat at night, flames surrounding an artificial wave pool, her outfit, MF playing "feel good" songs) as a kid ...

you wouldn't think the future would be like that ...

... but hell might be.

p: Hahaha

"Bathing suit?" An essay by b1-66er on the culture of poolside Vegas.