welcome to side-swype

I've used swype for text input on my android phones for years.  it's fast, it's easy.  I haven't measured my speed, but I'll bet I'm in the 35wpm neighborhood for input (my graduating speed from typing class in jr. high, coincidentally enough).  the only REAL problem with it is it requires absolute attention and two hands (yet another way a keyboarded hiptop was better than screen input).

I have a new phone now (samsung galaxy S III ... gotta great deal on it from boost*, $100 new on cyber monday) and have set up something I've never really tinkered with before: word prediction on my swype interactions.  it CAN be faster, but it's mostly clumsy and distracting.

the other day I TXTed special K and instead of writing the phrase I was intending, I just followed the starting word with "interesting" suggestions ... an effect I call side-swyping.

here, for your viewing pleasure, is the world's 1st side-swype:

b1-66er: I'm always glad you can DEFINITELY reset my phone number to Linda.

parentage phrase: "I'm using word prediction on swype."

I'll post some of these over the coming days ... always just hitting special K with some bizarreness.  don't worry, he deserves it.

I'll cut down on them once I'm bored.  it won't take long.

* if you're thinking about boost mobile (cheap pre-paid cellular, running on the sprint network), you get something like $25 (and so do I), for using this referral link:

a new definition of "lost"

b1-67er: It's so weird people gamble to win money but dont care what the odds are. It's like orienteering without a compass.