if only moods were orphans

K: My moods are cyclic. I can't help them.

b1: you talk about your "moods" as if they were afghani orphans.

K: Orphans I can help.

T-day with the cereal boxes

K: I'm with 43 members of momma K's family for thanksgiving.

b1: wake up! wake up!

K: It's very cold and windy here (Simi Valley).

b1: hell is like that.

K: Aunt Eva has had too much wine.
Cousin Eli has taken control of Cousin Rocky's camera.
Cousin Zach is demonstrating the weird contortions he can perform.
Uncle Sonny's hearing is not good.

b1: sounds like a great T-day.

K: I'm not right, you know.

b1: some things go without saying ... or should ... are you drunk?

K: You're my pal so I'm burdening you and entertaining you with this.