he said, "i think i remember the film, but as i recall, i think, i'm a namedropper"

K: Breakfast at Tiffany's. Is it good? *** b1: it's supposed to be, but i've never seen it ... i've only read the short ... and talked to truman about it.

still dim K

K: I guess this is where you give up arguing. *** b1: you just gained a watt.

oh, lighten up

b1 to K: as near as i can tell, your expertise is in being a dim bulb ... so when it comes to low-wattage, i believe anything you say.

take my remaining 50 minutes, please

solid G: I'm listening to the joke hour *** b1: written by whom, henny youngman? (and it's not really an hour, it's 10 minutes...it just *seems* that long.)

scarf it

solid G: Q - What do men yell at a middle eastern strip club? A - "Show us your face!" *** b1: what the hell has suddenly happened to you?

set the controls for the heart of the dumb

b1: from your cousin. *** solid G: Who are the three Jewish guys who invented air conditioning? Hi, Max and Norm. *** b1: just for the record: not funny.