b1: "the world series trophy was in sonoma today! and i stood in line!
and i got a picture with it! and my rubber duckie too!"


K: Fans dig the trophy. I'm sad I haven't seen it yet.


b1: it's because you're not a true fan.


{instantaneous response} K: So "true".

the love of giant megathings in general



K: Thanks. I love superlong sporting events. I dream of attending a
baseball game that lasts all night and past dawn. I love giant
megathings in general. It's probably the same impulse that makes me like

When I was a kid I ripped the covers off all my Richie Rich comics and
taped them together into one giant Richie Rich comic.

But I hate the stall in basketball.

who's to blame?

solid goldstein: When syphilis came to europe, the italians called it
french pox, the french called it italian pox, the english called it
spanish pox, the poles called it german pox and the russians called it
polish pox.