time for 46 hour fitness

K: I've been in a great mood for 45 hours. I'm probably about to have a heart attack.

i keep knockin', but ...

me: did you see yourself in clay?
1:17 PM special: I did. Is it accurate, would you say?
 me: as accurate as lego brick construction methods allow ...
  too much hair ...
  wrong beard ...
1:18 PM i used that pic of you and momma K behind the iron curtain to do it as i went.
 special: well done.
 me: i think the eyes are very good.
1:19 PM you have that friendly-yet-completely-vacant look.
 special: that's me to a t
me: i dreamt of you and the clay figure last nightyou told me it didn't look like you.
  and you were super-skinny K. 
and i thought, "man, i guess i haven't actually seen him in a long time."
but you didn't look gaunt like you did when you were actual reality super-skinny K.


special: that sounds nice
 me: yeah.
  you were happy.
  but a little on the mean side.
special: because my drug was taken away
  me: you can tell i directed that film.