the big guns, son

b1-66er: TSA @LAS.  two black guys, blinged out ... but in T-shirts.  carrying SIGNIFICANT amounts of cash.  that's at least $50K in bricks.

the techno mercenary: Rad. I often travel with a $10k bundle of freshly printed $100 bills, just in case shit goes sideways. I also travel with a battle rifle, a half dozen loaded 30 round mags and a couple of pistols and their magazines. But I never do any of that while black! I wonder what those guys deal is? Did they get bu sted? Because unless they are traveling internationally there is zero reason for them to even be compelled to disclose unless it's $10K or greater.

b1: pure guess, but the fight wad last weekend.  probably fight/gambling related.  they clearly thought it was funny to have the bricks out.
I think, but don't know, that they passed bags through the belt and had to pull the bundles out.
they didn't seem bad ass -more like characters in a B rap video- but they certainly seemed "bad enough."  they weren't 'concerned' that they had to flash it.

TM: Oh yeah I totally spaced out the big fight was last weekend... Duh! Yeah they were high rollin