the resting place of evil K

special K is going to be joining me for part of the film noir festival
in SF at the end of the month ... these are priming TXTs from him.


5 places for finding the stuff of film noir

I watched a noir film last night: Consenting Adults (Kevin Kline, Kevin

talk to the flying monkey

b1: i'm on deck for the "yellow brick road" slot tourney at the 4


K: Good luck. I didn't know you did slots.


b1: it's free. invitation only. prize money. mathematically it has
perfect theoretical expectation.

i've finally decided my future lies beyond the yellow brick road.


K: Aaaaaah aaaaah aah. Aaaah aah aah ah aah. Aaaaaah aaaaah aah. Ah


b1: TXTman crothers, you *are* the wizard of ahs.

what if you were a red giant?

solid G: If I was a black dwarf with a mohawk in vegas I'd be drunk too.

your chance to dunk the other special K

special K,

i don't know who's doing the globetrotters PR these days, but they're
completely out of control ... as you know, i never watch TV, and yet
i've seen them on the tube no less than a zillionty times in the last

if i was in the bay area, we'd go to this (and i'd make you pay).

{mumbling end of "sweet georgia brown" goes here.}


Oracle Arena



It's easy to add magic to your Globetrotters experience on Sunday,
January 16th at 2:00pm at oracle Arena!

You've got your tickets, now add an experience that will create Magical
Memories to last a lifetime!

Passes are just $15 per person (Additional convenience fees may apply)

The half-hour Magic Pass experience is full of basketball fun and
excitement that only the world famous Harlem Globetrotters can deliver.
You'll experience special tricks, magical fun and have a chance to be
part of the action with your favorite Globetrotter players. And to top
it all off, your Magic Pass gives you exclusive access to get autographs
when you meet Harlem Globetrotter players and their world famous mascot,
Globie, in person.


*Magic Pass entry begins 2 hours prior to show time.

Magic Pass begins 90 minutes before show time and lasts for 30 minutes.

You will need to purchase one Magic Pass per person.

All customers must have a show ticket AND Magic Pass for entry.

Space is extremely limited and will fill up quickly.

No refunds or exchanges.

Website link to purchase tickets:

Additional service charges will apply. Ticket packages can only be
purchased online using the
website link provided above. Offer good while supplies last. Offer not
good on alternate game dates/times. Persons 24 months in age and older
require a paid admission ticket.

considering the competition

b1: http://www.ktxt.org/

the point of exclamation

b1: there's a black dwarf with a mohawk eating a "beat the clock"
breakfast along with at dupar's ($4 since it's 04:00).


K: Be careful not to get sucked into his gravitational pull.


b1: good po-i--n----t---------.

saturday morning fever

K: Tony Manero and his buddies live in Bay Ridge -- not the finest part
of Brooklyn. According to my limited knowledge of Brooklyn.


b1: they weren't exactly what you call "the finest part of brooklyn"

i've only seen SNF once. it was at a 70's party i threw in 1985 ...

... at that party, bo3b and another guy both came in the same leisure
suit ... they didn't know each other.


K: I saw it about 300 times when I was an usher at the Colorado 4
Theaters. We used to synchronized-sweep the lobby while singing Night
Fever. Hand claps and everything.


b1: that is *SO* *COOL.*

that makes you cooler than me FOREVER.

(which is nearly impossible to believe.)


K: I won't let it go to my head.


b1: there's a lot of room up there.


K: gravity will help.

lighten up, francis

K: Francis Bay played the old lady Mrs. Tremond in Twin Peaks. She was
73 at the time. I just watched her in the movie "Edmond". She was 88.
Now she's 93, still alive (as far as I know).

but it's the ass that's famous

K: Saturday Night Fever opens with a tracking shot of the Verazzano Narrows Bridge and the World Trade Center.
*** b1: spooky.