¿where's my piñata sick?

b1-66er: I get on the terminal shuttle at DIA, and what's the VERY FIRST THING I hear over the PA?  fredrico pena welcoming me to Denver ... ¡ño!
my old roommate Tom's glad he's dead.

b1-67er: really? Fedrico Pena?

6: seriously.  and the announcement was truly putrid .... hello, this is fredrico pena (saying only the christian name in that super-cool spanish accented way, but the rest with heavy american accent), I was the mayor of Denver and it was my idea to build this awesome airport 40 years ago.  I'm awesome.  the airport's awesome.  I won't mention that it was done without voter approval, and the baggage system is in rusting mothballs beneath your feet.
oh, and did i mention I'm awesome?

7: what is, after all, a two billion $ overrun in the scope of a $2 billion dollar project?  apparently credentials to be secretary of transportation.

6: and it so much more awesome-r than that crappy stapleton blocking traffic in the middle of the city.  what?  are we gonna use the border territory of the Rocky mountain arsenal for SOMETHING ELSE?  (and they have awesome trout out here, by the way.  we use a modern ecological approach with them: bathe in toxin, no catch, never worry about release.)