a sign that SHOULD say "move over"

1 from the grumbler: Driving back from Tahoe, passed a truck that said "Special K Trucking" on its side.

how would you like your grobule prepared?

K: The grobule fries at dawn.

b1: why is it that i think i'm going to start worrying about you? and why is it that i think i'm starting 10 years too late?

K: Because you are smart.  And yesterday we decided I'm going to die first.

b1: i wish we'd decided that you'd sign all your bank accounts over to me today instead.

now all we need is a scary stupid mask

K: New idea for a business: B & K Review The Hell Out Of Something.

Description: we watch EVERYTHING in a DVD set and say what we think.


b1: love it. we could get free swag already.


K: I failed to say that.

Swag: yes. Maybe even make some $$& via Amazon links or ads.


b1: or maybe even a ponzi scheme.

i forgot, why am *i* included in this?


K: Included in what? You asked about the Dr. and the review thing is us.
And I failed to say I was special.


b1: you're incoherent now. go back and have them remove that stent.


K: Don't stint on my stent.

you and your pleasure button

b1: the ktxt counter is above 1K now.  ignoring your continual refreshes, that means we probably have 5 or 6 readers.

"light in your head and __what__?" anybody? anybody? gerry?

solid goldstein: Gerry rafferty died
b1: weird.
G: My brother said he was a drunk
b1: he'll get it right the next time.
G: Or right down the line...my brother recalls hearing his song
incessantly in 1978. We are old.
b1: i liked him. although i didn't realize "baker street" was a cover
until just a few years ago. makes me a lamer ... not a hall of famer.
G: who did the original?
b1: i don't know.  the wiki article is imcomplete.
G: Rafferty wrote baker street.
b1: looks like i need more self-confidence.
G: Not your short suit...
b1: oh thanks, mr. tailor.  while you're at it, could you let out the hem on my groin? thanks.
G: Your confidence is a good thing. Being smarter than 99 percent of the world can be a burden, though.
b1: being smart isn't a burden, but memory is.  thank god mine's selective.
G: As far as I can recall, mine is getting worse all the time.  Except for horrible songs of the 70s.  I recall every note.
b1: as you're dying your final words will be "more ... more ... more ..."  how do you like it?
G: Now that one, I like.  That song sounds ever better every year.  It's got four distinct parts and some killer hooks.  I'd put that one song against metallica's whole output.
b1: you and me both, pal.

an armyman of 1

K: Let's try our best not to die.
b1: i don't try my "best" ... with no family it's not clear what my
reason is for "hanging on."
K: You will die. If I'm alive I will miss you.
b1: okay, that makes it easy. you go 1st.
i get your twilight zone collection.
It's yours.
b1: okay. tell momma and biggy. i don't want any bloodshed at the
and you KNOW bigg knasty would fight for it.
K: He's not into SF.
Funeral. No wake.
b1: that makes it easy. tell 'em to leave the house keys out.
K: I'll add it to my will.
b1: swell.
and don't misspell my last name. you're exactly the type that's capable
of that.
K: Not me. 5th place, 1974 Colorado-Wyoming Spelling Bee.
b1: huge.
and to think, number 6 still shudders to hear your name ...
... only because she can't remember it doesn't start with a silent K.
Word I missed: frontispiece.
b1: ouch. what'd you miss
... or did you wet your pants from the pressure and get an honorable
discharge from the podium?
K: fronticepiece. Which I still think isn't a bad try. Because I didn't
know Latin yet.
b1: better than me to be sure ...
although you STILL don't know latin.
(this'll surprise you, but drinking an orange julius doesn't count.)
K: Now I'm craving an Orange Julius (named for the great Julius Freed,
one of my people).
b1: which 1 of "your" people would that be? the one with a flame
thrower and a mold marking on its base?
K: Comedian?
b1: that's an army man joke. the ktxt readers will get it, even if you
you must be sleepy.
K: My dad didn't let me play with "dolls".
b1: oh, you guys and your worshipping "idols."
K: Jew bet.
b1: and it also doesn't fully explain that first sexual experience you
were telling me about a few days ago.
nor the fact that you break your wrist as you talk.
don't go hyper apneaetic in your sleep, pal. you haven't changed that
will yet.