it depends on your definition of "every"

{last week, pickles and I were in a club in LV.  seated immediately behind us was JJ "die-no-mite" walker.  I had to explain who he was, as well as his hugeness in the early 70s ... then I went to a concert at the cannery today, and saw this poster.}

b1-66er: notice the last bill.

pickles: Nice one!!!

b: 1 week ago, there was no JJ walker ... now he's everywhere.

p: Maybe he heard you talking about him.

b: god, I hope so.

p: You can believe it until you hear otherwise.

b: just like god.
there's an overly cool hispanic teenager here with a turn-your-head-into-Pikachu hat.

p {who's been obsessively playing a 15 year old handheld re-found pokemon for the last fortnight}: Hahahaha nice one.

b: 2 weeks ago there was no pokemon, now it's everywhere.

p: Or you didn't notice it.

b: same thing.
everything is everywhere.  always.  it's the definition of everything.