it's full of stardust

b1: here's the hanukkah menu at the eC.  $19 from 16:00 - 22:00.

K: Superb. Get the kugel. What's eC?

b1: the el cortez.  greatest casino in vegas.

K: As you know, I love Las Vegas. I wonder if I've ever told you all my Las Vegas stories.
1. When I cut my head open outside the Stardust.
2. When my grandfather was a VIP at the Sahara and I thought he was a gangster (I know I've told you that).
3. When I got stuck in a casino at age 7.
4. My mom wanted to move there.
5. My grandparents made over 100 trips there.
6. Momma K says she hates it but she kind of likes it now.
7. When I was harassed by fake hookers in a fake brothel.
8. Phil Goldman's bachelor party.
9. The roller coaster in Primm.
10. The swinger's convention.
11. When I saw Shirley Bassey and Buddy Hackett at the Sahara showroom.
12. The time I went to bed early but then got up because I only had 1 night in Vegas.
13. Our plans to spend New Year's Eve 2000 in Vegas and Y2K fears.
14. When the Vegas heat killed my Prius battery.
15. Fake blueberry cheesecake at Caesar's.

if you say "no," very, very slowly, it sounds different

b1: the las vegas wranglers are playing @ 23:59 on 12/27. the only team in the minors who do that.

K: In the U. S.

b1: in the fricken US. what country are you living in these days? and why the hell are you up so late?

K: I was working. And I stay up late on weekends.

b1: you sound like a robot.

K: No I do not. No I do not.
It's the 8th annual. It's for people who work nights.

b1: you've told me nothing i don't know AND you haven't answered your own fricken question.

K: No I do not. No I do not. No I do not. No I do not.