massive greatness

K: I'm 4 weeks into my new eating.

b1: whoa. 5% of the total. is that a "significant" amount of time for

K: No. But I have lost 14.6 lbs.

b1: so does that mean that i need to love you proportionally less? or
that the love just gets condensed in you? or that some of my love just
goes away with your weight?

K: It means I am a leaner and more perfect reflection of the universe.

b1: at least you're not egocentric.

i break out!

b1: i'm working out in a stump III T-shirt today.

king feddy: i bet you look good.

b1: so good.
people come up to me and say, "dude! are you that really funny guy from
and i say, "no. i'm the *other* guy."

the darkness of winter

b1: i'm seeing edgar winter tomorrow.

K: Wear dark clothes.

b1: racist.

K: The K is for kruel.

b1: no, the K is for "drool."