open wide and say "errrrggggghh"

b1: greetings from idaho springs beau jo's, where it is JAMMED.


K: I once puked there.


b1: i don't know why you hate CO, but i now have an idea why CO hates

thanks for that before lunch, by the way.

b1: you'll like this. be sure to look at several comments. http://mobile.nytimes.com/2010/12/26/opinion/26rich.xml

depends on how you draw it

b1: life is a zero sum game. the trick is not to push it.

serling sliver

K: Surrogates is a sleeper of a good movie. Very stylish.

Future. Everybody stays home in a chair and operates robots of

Social consequences abound.


b1: sounds too real.


K: That's the best SF.


b1: that's not what you said about "battle for the planet of the apes."


K: Yeah! And "Escape". And the quote from Serling.


b1: go back to your fricken movie.