all we need now is an "oh"

b1-66er: G actually changed their logo AND MY MICROPHONE DESIGN on my cell phone.
thanks, matias.

special KJ: Your microphone design?

b1: on the G bar on my "homescreen" ( which swype wants to call "Jonestown").

KJ: Well, it's their microphone.

b1: let's be very clear.
1. it's not theirs, it's mine.  I "buy" it.
2. I didn't ask for it.
3. it hasn't changed it's behavior in any way.
it also detracts from the user experience.  I pay attention to it.
and ... why, exactly, should I?

KJ: You don't own the software, and you don't have to use it. Why should you pay attention to it? You don't have to.

b1: because it's immediately in front of my face.
the power company doesn't come in and pull their cables up through my floor and color them.
you get to make a decision.  do you want to be called special KJ for the rest of your life? 
you can be.  all you have to say is, "yes."

KJ: I don't own what you call me. Just like you don't own that goddamn Chilean Playskool microphone.

b1: you saved yourself.
beginning today you return to being called "special K."
and thanks.

special K: de nada.

b1: it was a risky, but fervent, play.

K: Something I'm not noted for.