hard viewing

K: We are blowing through a lot of tv. *** b1: don't tell me about your sexual peculiarities. *** K: Ok, Kip Adotta.

underlying intent

b1: have you ever considered going full-on display jewish for xmas?
blue and white lights? star of david on every tree? jesus with glowing
yamarkula in the yard? etc.

K: No. Because I'm lazy, I love doing nothing for Xmas.

b1: that's you trying out christianity.

porcelain hole-y night

mom had morning sickness w/ me - she ran into andy williams in the desert inn hall going to the bathroom. they said hello. dad predicted he'd never make it.

maybe fo-ty-nine cent?

(b1) Q: what do they call a woman who sells her body for snack food cakes at christmas time?

A: a ho hos ho'.

black and read

K: Up on the rooftop, click click click. Goddamn, get off my roof! We're
Jews here!

b1: lemme tell you what ... if there's noise on the roof, it damn well
better be red and white and deer; not red and black and dogs ... because
if that's what it is, i'm pulling that star of david off the wall, using
it as a weapon, and goin' full-on ninjew.


b1: that would be HOHOHOHOHOHO, jaimie.

feliz soda

b1: "yule log" has coke commercials. the only way that'd put me in the christmas spirit would be if santa was wearing a sombrero and pontificating sugar coke.

blame it on the OJ

K: Capricorn One is one of the dumbest movies I have ever seen.
Amazing cast, though.
*** b1: it is proof that we actually *did* land on the moon.

gotta love TV

b1: i'm watching "yule log." it's a fireplace with xmas songs playing in the background. nothing more, nothing less. better than you'd think.

a bill

b1: how much do you pay for TV every month? *** K: over $100, I think.