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i've known special K for years ... we're close enough that i sometimes spend countless hours in his house (or on public transport) doing mindless things.

special K and i will occasionally have sudden flurries of TXT messages ... typically the underlying context is i'm either trying to figure something out (or drive home a point) while he's trying to procrastinate from doing his day job.

because special K and i are close*, and because i've had a warped upbringing where i only save the highest forms of abuse for those that are closest to me, the conversations can quickly fly out of control.

i think the results are often funny and wanted to capture the prime pieces here (special K, "you have to be selective."  me, "you're telling ME that?").  i'll try my best to always give conversations context (i'm a big hater of in-jokes ... oh yeah, and i promise i won't yell "freebird!" during the quiet parts).

there'll be a small, but repeating, cast of characters.

b1-66er (b1): me
special K (K): him
b1-67er: my brother
momma K (momma): wife of special K, would be a saint if she weren't jewish
bigg knasty (biggy): muppet offspring of K and the momma
solid goldstein (solid G): cousin of special K
king feddy: former work colleague of myself and the K

i can post here in several ways: TXT, email and blogger.  when i post by TXT, there'll be no title and the formatting of hard returns gets stripped ... to combat this, i use a dialog separator of "***".  so a conversation that looks like this:
b1: you're an idiot.
K: I know.
on my hiptop screen, will look like this:
b1: you're an idiot. *** K: I know.
on this 'blog.

and i'm quick to admit that occasionally i'll TXT special K for no other reason than to be sure my "genius" shows up on here.  read at your own risk, or ignore.  i guarantee it'll be better than my KKK 'blog.

*i've told him that i love him more times than any other man in history.  he's told me that he likes me exactly once.

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