booze 'n' bases

K: I'm about to watch game 7 of the 1960 WS. Only known copy recently discovered in Bing Crosby's wine cellar.

how about 499?

K: 500 doesn't sound like many, but it's a lot

b1: if someone hit you in the face 500x, it would seem like a lot.

because you're too chicken liver

b1: captain beefheart died. *** K: I barely knew him.

the taste of metal

b1: we need to talk about shirley bassey and vegas sometime.

K: Agreed.

b1: i would've given my left nut to hear her say, "he's such a cold
finger" live.

K: Ba-DAAAAH-dah!

b1: perfect.

K: I'm a fucking awesome communicator.

b1: so much so that you can even do trumpet sounds by TXT. that's
pretty big.


b1: don't speak hebrew to me.

K: לכם!

what's sticky and sweet?

{i often route messages between solid goldstein and special K. they're
shirt-tail cousins ... and in 1 of the million weirdnesses in my life, i
introduced them.}

b1: this from your cousin. and it's not a joke, he's serious.
*** Danielle Steel's Chocolates. No, it's not her latest book. It's what
I snacked on last night. ***

K: Bizarre.