clouds building

K: Is Stormy Rottman tracking Santa on 9 News {in CO}?


b1: stormy's been dead for a l-o-n-g time.


K: That doesn't answer my question.

Stormy could still do it.


solid G: There was a guy called sunny, too.


K: Sunny Roseman.

Sunny was a copycat. He sucks.

Metropolitan State College of Denver awards a Stormy Rottman Endowed
Memorial Scholarship annually to a student majoring in meteorology.

Among Denver's Jews, it was common knowledge that he had changed his
name from Rothman. Of course, this (a) wasn't true and (b) made no


b1: i like the fact that you can speak on behalf of all denver jews.


K: I like it too.


b1: does this, combined with the fact that you hate CO somehow make you


K: No. There's a form of self-loathing in there, but not related to

rated X

K: Capricorn One is on. I can't remember if I liked it.
*** b1: xians like to think of it as the OJ simpson xmas movie.

X creed

K: Merry Christmas, my good friend. *** b1: thanks so much, special K. the fact you can send me those wishes shows how far we *both* have come. merry xmas.

time to hand me my lance

{following completely out of the blue, with no context.} K: A knight without armor in a savage land.

just not in the face, please

mom: "i don't know what's wrong with andrea bocelli's eyes."
b1: "he's blind. he can't see."
mom <exasperated and slapping her knee>: "OH, I KNOW THAT!"

{king feddy <aside>: Next she'll be slapping you.}

no ... it's a number

K: Nine.
b1: 9 what? what the hell are you talking about?
K: Nine means German in no.
b1: it's "nein," you chumpster. how can you possibly be illiterate in
two languages SIMULTANEOUSLY?
K: Tein.
b1: you're a freak-box.
K: Whee!
b1: you know, there's a part of you that's a poser.  and just like all of your physical being, it's not a small part.
K: I think that's an Adrian Belew lyric.
b1: why do i like you?  why?
K: It's the hair.


b1: my mom's car has 26K miles on it.  it's 8 years old.

K: Only driven on Sundays.

b1: "and then only if feel like going to church."

kiss my glass

b1: the good news? young MC is playing at the lollipop in denver on
NYE. the bad news? he's on the bill with tiffany.

K: Tiffany is my trainer.

b1: i think we're alone now.

that is NOT how you say "birthday"

K: If you see my mother-in-law today, wish her happy birthday. *** b1: i will. i may use the wrong words, however.

Dude, like my copying of other people's humor is, like, so original

b1: gotta love CO. i'm getting 2 cars' oil changed in serial ... i don't even have to pay for the 1st 1 as i retrieve the 2nd.

K: I do love co.  Not.

b1: Thanks for that, Wayne.

K: What words would you use?

b1: I LOVE CO.

the crunch of the king

b1 <sent to both special K and king feddy>: the car is the american form of independence. without it, you're the victim of both relatives and social assistance ... the US equivalent of deep poverty.

king feddy: Very true (if no subway).

special K: Moreso in the west.  In the NE public transpo is more socially acceptable.

b1: feddy said the same thing.

K: He is very wise.

b1: that's why *he* is not "the cereal guy."

how about looking for it on the police blotter?

K: "Search Special K in the Android Market" is my new favorite phrase.