no mas, las vegas

greetings from "lucha las vegas." the first *ever* lucha libre exposition in S NV. [http://luchalasvegas.com]

playing like a bunch of ghouls

K: Casper has a minor league baseball team called the Ghosts.

The Rockies just bought them and might move them to Windsor.


b1: what're they going to call them? the "windsor haunted castles"?

if only i could get clayed

b1: me as a hotels.com ad character:



K: Oh Jesus.


b1: that's the good "jesus."  i can feel it.

and now my take on you:


a zombie BM

solid G:
K: Thanks. I like Bill Murray. Wasnt he great in Zombieland? How did you
like the movie overall?
b1: i hate zombies. i don't like zombie movies.
i'd rate it 7 out of 10. "the best i've seen."
K: And the Murray schtick?
b1: he was the best part of the movie.
 the second he walked through the
other door, i knew they were going to blow him away.
the best part of the whole flick was his post-credit caddyshack
K: Agree, agree, agree.