oh, to re-live greatness cheaply

K: I got my 2010 World Series DVD set today. 8 DVDs.

b1: great. how much? and at the risk of asking the obvious, what's on

K: WS games, 2 NLCS games, 1 bonus disc (postgame, parade, season
highlights, etc). $35.

b1: that's a good deal.

K: It is. $80 list. Not Blu-ray, though.

They did a nice job. Discs are orange. Disc cases are covered in text:
box score, game notes, trivia, etc.

Includes SF radio on alternate audio channel, which is HUGE.

b1: they synch the radio broadcasts with the game?

K: Yes they do.

b1: THAT is cool. how much total listening/viewing time is there?

K: The box says 19 hours, but that's gotta be way low. The games alone
are more than that.

b1: stupid box.


b1: and EVERY TIME you watch, the giants win. EVERY TIME.

K: So true. Forever. The WS trophy is about to go on tour.

b1: i think you should figure out how to preserve it...digital isn't
dependable enough...like the constitution...put it in a concrete column
in case of attack.

K: If they put a Giants logo on it, my wife will buy it.

b1: don't blame your obsession on momma K.

K: We share the Giants. But since they won she's gone majorly retail.

wacky pack toys

3 of 'em combined here ...

* lunar rover (in front)
* space catapult (i don't know why when you think "space," you should
think "catapult")
* "space tots" (specifically "astro tot" and "space ape tot")

the catapult "shoots" about 2" beyond the base of the device. this is
*exactly* the kind of toy that my brother would have used once when he
was 5, then spent the following 8 hours making it shoot objects hard
(and far) enough that they could easily go through a window.

talk about you get what you pay for

b1: greetings from sonic where it's wacky pack wednesday. chicken strips, apple slices, powerade slush and a lunar lander for $1.50.

sure, but don't go in the black room

b1; the song used during the streaming toilet paper of blue man group is "last train to trance central." THIS is what the KLF is about!