semite like

b1-66er: the newest weapon in my arsenal, "if you're against the arabs, you're anti-semitic."

special K: Literally true but silly.

b1: you say that only because of your background.
it helps bring home the point of tolerance.

K:  I think it's generally accepted meaning. We could ask 10 strangers.

b1: oh there's no doubt.  but that doesn't mean that what they believe is true...
...just because they think and believe it.

K: And what is truth?
Is truth unchanging law?
We both have truths.
Are mine the same as yours?

b1: no.  truth is definition.
the definition of semite.  it is, very truly, that simple.  anything else is a complication you are adding.

K: Meanings change. E.g terrific, fantastic, gay, awful.

b1: oh, well you be sure to tell me when the OED says it means exclusively all things judaic, fuzzy.
you owe me a dollar a month until then.

K: L'chaim!

b1: does israel produce any oil?

K: No. God's little joke.

b1: he's just pro-semetic.

K: Jesus.

b1: nice one!
how can you POSSIBLY win in that position?
"checkmate with king only."

K: Thanks. He redeemed me.

b1: and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the maraschino cherry on your sun-K.

K: Thank you.
Check, please.