without you, KTXT readership would be dramatically reduced

b1-66er: stupidest headline of the day (courtesy of qz.com):  Without China, Apple's iPhone pre-orders were probably a big disappointment

special K: It is a bad headline. They're trying to make a valid point, which is last year's preorders didn't include China, so comparisons are unequal. But they hould have said that.

b1: it's jingoist. 
it also doesn't matter. 
here's news: we DO live in a world with China, they ARE part of the total US (and W) accounting scheme.

K: Disagree, disagree, agree.
Companies need to customize their products and practices to sell in China.

b1: it doesn't matter. 
if tomorrow, AAPL could sell to EVERY Chinese person, and sell to NO ONE else, they'd do it in a heartbeat.

K: How is it jingoism? Apple's not patriotic.

b1: "without Israel, there'd be less turmoil in the middle east"
"without bacon, there'd be less breakfast meat sold"
"without cheerios, whole grain breakfast cereal sales would be dropping"
"without Soyuz, space station support would go to zero"
"without oxygen, air pollution would be at the deadliest levels ever recorded"

K: t's just math, to make a point. It's like "The Giants hit the same number of homeruns this year as last. They have a new player named Duffy this year who it 20. Therefore the other players hit fewer than they did last year."
It's a stupid modern Internet clickbait headline.

b1: no. 
"it's just dumb."  just use your words to just convey your intent so I can just understand what you mean.

K: I wish they still did that. Now they want to make you click.
I love this account:  https://twitter.com/savedyouaclick