don't have a dogcow, man

special K: Note prominent dogcow ref. http://priceonomics.com/the-woman-behind-apples-first-icons/?curator=MediaREDEF

b1-66er: several interesting things about that article.
no mention of magic.
susan continues to continually rewrite history and claim damn near everything about the dogcow...when *i* am the one who made all that stuff up.
she's also violating a ™ by selling the image.

K: I think a she must have permission or Apple would shut her down.

b1: I'll bet apple don't know they have the ™.  mark johnson applied for it.
bet you ANYTHING.

K: Maybe she has a blanket approval.

b1: from steve.  to sell anything of apple's.  with no approval and no money back.

K: Yeah.

b1: when did you become a susan kare apologist?  she's bitchy in exactly the same way all those early mac people are...
the only one who isn't is joanna.  and she wants to be.

K: The early Mac people all bear Steve's imprint.

b1: yes.

K: Just speculating,

b1: well put away spec-o-K and bring back special K.