strange sexual new year

K: For NYE the Learning Channel has a marathon of the show Strange Sex. *** b1: happy nude year.

and for the new year, i'm giving you pounds

Fwd: Celebrate the New Year January 1st @ Sonic with ELEVEN CENT ICE CREAM CONES all day. Plz mention txt when ordering.

okay, so NOW what do you want

K: I admire your dedication to ktxt. and the great titles *** b1: you're saying that only because you sense i could snap it off with prejudice at any moment.

blowing a fuse on NYE

K: what are your plans for NYE?

b1: sonic happy hour now, then bo3b, zed and the person who shall never
be mentioned are going to ethel M's for lighted cactus, the eC for
dinner and grucci fireworks on the strip. and you?

K: watching Short Circuit and Short Circuit 2.

b1: if that doesn't say HNY, i don't know what does.

K: Fischer Stevens, who played the Indian scientist in Short Circuit,
was Minkowski the radio operator of the Katana in LOST. many of the
side characters on LOST were named for scientists, authors, poets, et

b1: thank god i didn't escape 2010 without learning that.

{happy new year to you, dear reader. both the K and i wish that your
2011 will be a very happy one.)

how much is a K?

K: 10000 Yiddish books are now available online for free. *** b1: of course they're for free.

tell it to sister busty

K: I watched a movie called "Nude Nuns with Big Guns". Pretty good. I don't know what you call that genre.
*** b1: i'd call it "the pretty *damn* good" genre.