all you've gotta have is heart (or something else)

b1-66er: how's momma K?  I know her health's been off.

special K: She's having surgery, probably week after next.

b1: oh, bad one, what for?  and is it related to that high Ca reading?

K: Yes - parathyroidectomy.

b1: goddammit.  what are the side-effects of having THAT done?
they treat her body like an experimental Puerto Rican phone.

It's generally well-tolerated and not a major procedure. I hope that's true in her case.

b1: my mom has always said, "'minor surgery' is 'minor' until they do it on YOU."

She's shed a bunch of organs.  She's built for speed now.

b1: she's not built for "organ donor."

K: Not any more.

b1: when they take some random piece out of her do you ever think, "that's sexy" and ask to take it home so you can have your way with it later?

K: every time except the gall bladder, for obvious reasons.