soft and jewy

b1: so here at CES, what do all the jews who shut down their stands do
on the sabbath?

K: Pray.

b1: and then what do they do for the other 16 waking hours?

K: Pray all day. 4 separate services. In between, eat, study, visit.

b1: have you ever been that hardcore?

K: No way. That stuff is basically superstition as far as I'm

b1: whoa.  i just moved to a whole new level of understanding about the K.  and it's spooky.

K: We should talk about this more then.  I'm not into the supernatural aspects of mainstream religion.

b1: whoa. are you saying that just because it's elvis's birthday?

K: Wella wella.

FINALLY i "get" the iphone