meditate on a banding together of the jius

b1-66er: if the 20th century holocaust had not have happened, would 21st century Jews still be as fervent?

special K: I don't think so. In fact I think Judaism might have died out by assimilation.

b1: I'll bet you're right.
it's sardonic to think that, for the future, it's the best thing that ever happened to the religion.
if Hitler could see the result, today, I'll bet he'd re-think his original plans.  he was a lot of things, but he wasn't dumb ... and he certainly had a "point."
it's weird to think that he's, pretty easily, the most influential person in the 21st century.

K: agree, agree, agree
An incredible example of unintended consequences, zen, and jiujitsu.

b1: mostly jujitsu.