why 13 isn't the luckiest of numbers

K: Projections are wrong sometimes.


b1: really? did you learn that when you got your math degree?

{*my* degree is in math, K doesn't have 1.}


K: No. I learned it from 14 prostitutes.

poetically acknowledged staircases

special K: Lotta pride.



b1: whatta great article.


K: : Yes!

I love urban archaeology. Especially baseball.

where's boo boo?

K: The man who had the Series-winning hit also did so in 1997. The only other players who ever had 2 World Series-winning hits are Gehrig, DiMaggio, and Berra.

the tin age IS coming, mark my words

K: Anything saying Giants is worth gold right now. Lines at Giants stores are unbelievable.

and maybe delivered by dinosaurs?

b1: i just had a thought ... when pepsi released their real sugar "throwback" drinks, they should have used steel cans.

any colour you want

b1: i'm going to sonic for my post-voting slush. thank god there are no
blue laws prohibiting it.

K: You should celebrate with a blue slush.

he's gonna need a bigger helmet in that case

b1: what would scooby do? K: He would punt.

the power of gurgle

K: {...} NY the best baseball writers by far. Check out


b1: i've never seen that goo.gl shortener before.


K: It's good. Go to goo.gl.

da blank! da blank!

special K: Public not allowed to see the plane. We didn't go.